Double-glazed windows with electric heating EGT from leading manufacturers.
The best and safest alternative to conventional radiators
EGT SmartGlass Smart glass: a product of innovative technologies. Can turn opaque
surface into transparent glass and vice versa.

Energy Status Estate Company
For more than 8 years we have been working on the Ukrainian market. Today we are already known outside our country.
We are a leading manufacturer of innovative high-tech products for the 21st century - electrically heated insulating glass units and glass products using EGT smart films. Energy guarantees quality, safety and comfort.
EGT "Energy Glass Technologies" - your complete freedom of architectural solutions.

Double-glazed windows EGT

Proprietary design and manufacturing technology of EGT double-glazed windows is implemented by up-dated methods and have the same appearance as the traditional for us glass fixing, but it is the new comfort level for the consumer.

EGT electrically heated double-glazed window appearance is the same as ordinary one, but its performance characteristics are vastly superior to standard versions. Conducting metalized layer, covered on the one of the glasses, is placed inside the double-glazed window and has not an influence on the glass transparency.

EGT electrically heated double-glazed windows have high strength. Environmental effects have not an influence on it too. EGT electrically heated double-glazed window is working in an effective way with the temperature from -50 to +100 degrees, withstand cold water on the heated coverage. You need to take significant actions for its breakage. Such features guarantee long-lasting performance and make the usage almost unlimited.



Smart glass: an innovative technology product for exclusive solutions. Provide complete privacy with the click of a button? Instantly turn a matte impenetrable surface into transparent glass, or, conversely - in the blink of an eye provide complete privacy or a romantic twilight? To make a glass screen a spectacular screen for projection? Easy!

Smart glass EGT SmartGlass turns an ordinary wall, partition or even huge elements of facade structures into an exclusive multifunctional surface. EGT SmartGlass is a true innovation in the world of respectable design, the most modern and technologically advanced design solutions.


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“Energy” company specialists provide elimination of every breakage during the whole warranty period. Product shift, if necessary.

We provide warranty during 5 years



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