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Proprietary design and manufacturing technology of EGT double-glazed windows is implemented by up-dated methods and have the same appearance as the traditional for us glass fixing, but it is the new comfort level for the consumer.

EGT electrically heated double-glazed window appearance is the same as ordinary one, but its performance characteristics are vastly superior to standard versions. Conducting metalized layer, covered on the one of the glasses, is placed inside the double-glazed window and has not an influence on the glass transparency.

EGT electrically heated double-glazed windows have high strength. Environmental effects have not an influence on it too. EGT electrically heated double-glazed window is working in an effective way with the temperature from -50 to +100 degrees, withstand cold water on the heated coverage. You need to take significant actions for its breakage. Such features guarantee long-lasting performance and make the usage almost unlimited.

EGT electrically heated double-glazed windows are installed in every window frame connected to the standard electrical network of 220 V. Heat reflects back to the room that reduces heat loss and prevents cold air from the outside. It guarantees perfect microclimate in Winter and in Summer.

EGT electrically heated double-glazed windows are equipped by its own electronics (power units) and heating controllers. Power supply voltage of EGT electrically heated double-glazed window is alternating and calculated specially for capacity requirements. Heat power, produced by the surface of EGT electrically heated double-glazed window is from 20 to 350 W/m2 depending on the intended purpose of EGT double-glazed window and its application.

Light and heat are necessary for every person for fruitful work or comfort rest during the whole year. EGT electrically heated double-glazed windows have unique characteristics, which turns the simple window into construction design. It gives heat and fills every room with light.

Installation and switching of EGT electrically heated double-glazed window allows to create comfortable microclimate not only in living or working rooms, but heats balconies, stanzas, interior gardens, greenhouses effectively, preventing icing and condensate water. Energy saving makes sense in heated glass doors and walls installation in poor heated rooms.

We produce EGT electrically heated windows: double-glazed, triple-pane, glass sandwich.

Minimal sizes - 200 x 300 mm.

Maximum sizes - 2900 x 5000 mm.


Average area of 2 rooms apartment glazing is 8 m². Herein, for comfort temperature achievement, chilling and draft grading in apartment (comfort zone creation), 1 m² of glass should expend about 180 Watt/h. Time of daily average work of double glass pane in the mode of constant temperature regulation is about 14 hours. Therefore, quantity of consumed energy on 1 m² is only 2.5 kW!


Installation of programmed heating controllers additionally helps to reduce energy consumption: it allows adjusting windows for switching-on 1 hour before your arrival, which reduces operating time of warm windows, necessary for comfort temperature maintenance to 8 hours. Therefore, power requirement on 1 m² is only about 1.5 kW during the day.

From the total power consumed by the main electric appliance per day is 1 kW.


1 kW per day


1 kW per day


4 kW per day


19 kW per day


Every surface, heated to definite temperature, starts to emit electromagnetic waves in the range 0, 75—100 mm, which give heat energy. Operation of radiant heater and electrically heated windows (which heating elements emits such waves) is based on this method. When infrared rays appear on items and surfaces in view, they increase temperature of heating elements and convection principle comes into operation (heat transfers from the items to room air).


  • It can be used as the main source of heat for rooms warming or for creation of additional comfort along with the main heating system.
  • It can be installed in dormer windows for balcony and stanzas glazing.
  • Electrically heated window is essential for transparent architecture for interior gardens, gyms, pools, verandas, pavilions etc.

  • Electrically heated window is used as local heating device in case of making internal wall or room screen from it.
  • Electrically heated window can be included in security system of the building.
  • If desired and availability of means, we can build walls from the heating glass. It is hard to find more suitable material for floor-to-ceiling window.

Electrically heated windows give total freedom of architectural expression.



  • Fully eliminates condensate water
  • Creates comfort zone
  • Eliminates weeping


  • Pools
  • Interior gardens
  • Glass-houses


  • Fully eliminates condensate water
  • Creates comfort zone
  • Eliminates weeping


  • Pools
  • Interior gardens
  • Glass-houses



  • Safe temperature rate
  • Possibility of big sized windows usage
  • Maximum sunlight capacity


  • Private residences, apartments
  • Terraces, interior gardens
  • Pools, glass-houses



  • Reducing of cold air flows, heat loss compensation
  • Equalizing of glass and room temperature difference
  • Elimination of condensate and weeping


  • Private residences, apartments
  • Terraces, interior gardens
  • Pools, glass-houses


“Modern house” expression means the definite level of automatization of the main process, what significantly eases life. DEVIreg™ Smart is one of the innovations created for this purpose. It is multifunctional system, where heat sensor and smartphone (or other gadget) integrated with the help of simple home Wi-Fi. It makes possible to control the operation of electrical appliance at home or in apartment of every size automatically. It is convenient decision for those people, who appreciates comfort and own time.

In real time mode, the system regulates temperature of heating in a wide range of +5 to +45 °С due to external temperature element of glass and integrated air sensor, that enable to program different modes and also control correct function of all switching elements.

Features which increase usability, Energy-saving functions

  • Control of heating from the around the world, at any time
  • One heat controller can be switched to 10 mobile devices
  • You can control as many rooms and heat controllers as you want with the help of only one application
  • Local, w/o switching to internet, control system usage/installation of EGT electrically heated windows
  • Freezing protection, schedule for a week in advance, “Out of home/on the rest” modes, energy-saving mode
  • Messages/warnings about important system actions
  • Energy consumption meters for 7 days/30 days/ during life cycle help to understand where you can save
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android



  • Heating is really cheaper, than other electrical heating systems.
  • It can be installed in dormer windows, for balcony and stanzas glazing.
  • Heat saving in winter – energy saving coverage reflects heat inside the room.
  • Air-conditioning economy – glass prevents the house from summer heat
  • Glass doesn’t warn up outside – one-way heating direction


  • Conducting coating is inside the window, contact is impossible.
  • Thermoglass is more hard than usual.
  • In case of breakage, glass is falling to small pieces without sharp edges.
  • Glass can not be cut by glass cutter.
  • Possibility of glass switching to the smart house system.
  • Glass prevents wiretapping, which is made with the help of laser beam.
  • Increasing of roof safe at the expense of snow pressure removal.


  • Heating control with the help of heat controller in automatic mode
  • Maximum usage of natural lighting
  • Convection lack, so-called cold window effect.
  • Fast snow and ice melting in case of glass coverage heating.
  • Dew-point elimination – weeping and condensate water lack
  • Fast and comfortable room heating without heater


  • Lack of mould and fungus at the expense of condensate water elimination



Glass with heating undergoes the process of thermohardening. Conducting elements are applied by silver bars on the two parallel sides and placed on the internal part of the window. They doesn’t contact with the people which is the security factor.

Hermiticity of EGT window provides long-life performance, because condition inside of heating window is stable (lack of external sources of moisture, dust etc.). Multifunctional glasses earn its keep during the usage period once and again.


Electrical safety of EGT windows provides by availability residual cut-off device.

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“Energy” company specialists provide elimination of every breakage during the whole warranty period. Product shift, if necessary.

We provide warranty during 5 years



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